Why PANX - Yellow Chalk®

Why is the PANX - Yellow Chalk® Product worth using

The loss caused by mould prints on a glass pane during the windshield bending
process can be measured in terms of economic costs.
The use of the PANX-Yellow Chalk® separator reduces the loss by decreasing the use of: 
•    human labour,
•    raw materials, 
•    energy,
•    mechanical equipment maintenance.

Bending windshields without any loss also reduces CO2 emissions.
Biuro Handlowe "PROMYK" developed the separator in 2005 using its own formula and
technology and is the owner of the know - how.
Its physicochemical parameters guarantee almost 100% protection during windshield
bending. The easy usage and efficiency of the product, and its over 99 % natural content are
the advantages and benefits for the windshield producers.

The characteristic features of the PANX-Yellow Chalk® Product:
•    it protects glass panes from mould marks,
•    it is a homogeneous substance with excellent lubricity,
•    it retains its insulating properties during heating, implementing and cooling,
•    it helps to correct asymmetrically applied glass pane,
•    it does not react chemically with the glass /guarantees a clean glass pane, which makes it possible to combine such a glass pane with other elements easily/.

The practical application of the PANX-Yellow Chalk® separator consists of rubbing it into the
cold crowns of the tools before fixing them in the furnace feeder. Special attention should be
paid to the corners and central parts of the crown of the tool when applying the separator
/here the glass pressure is the highest/. It is recommended to reapply the separator on the
crown of the tool during the bending process after one windshield is removed and another is
fixed. The frequency of application depends on the quality of the crown of the tool and, in
practice, it is performed every 2, 4, 6 hours of continuous work. After the windshield bending
process is finished, the burned separator is easily removed using a cloth, water or a  vacuum
Regular use of our product ensures a fast improvement of the windshield bending
quality which results in higher profits.

Biuro Handlowe "PROMYK" www.panx.com.pl is a flexibly-managed, Customer-oriented firm that
welcomes collaboration in the design of new products.
Confirmed effectiveness.

Przemysław Pankowski
Biuro Handlowe "PROMYK"