Characteristics of PANX-Yellow Chalk®

PANX-Yellow Chalk® is recommended to use the product in the technological process of
windscreen production in the temperatures of above 650 o C. Its role
is to insulate the glass from the metal mould in order to avoid prints
on the surface a windscreen.

1. PANX-Yellow Chalk® Product exhibits great
lubricating and separating properties.

2. Thanks to its soft texture and good lubricating
properties, PANX-Yellow Chalk® thoroughly covers
the surface of the steel flats form creating
a homogeneous dense layer.

3. It guarantees perfect insulation of the mould
from the flexible glass which eliminates mould
prints on the glass surface.

4. PANX-Yellow Chalk® features no impurities; no
elements or minerals in an amount adding to the
formation of mould prints have been detected.