The basic sales /collective/ package contains 648 pieces of the product:
• net weight: 12.96 kg,
• gross weight: 14.10 kg /+/- 0.3 kg/,
• dimensions: 50.5 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm /+/- 0,5 cm /.

Inside the sales /collective/ package, the product is packed in 18
corrugated cardboard unit boxes with 36 pieces each.

Features of a single piece of the product:
• net weight: 0.02 kg,
• dimensions: diameter - 24 mm, length - 80 mm,
• packed in vacuum foil.

Biuro Handlowe "Promyk" guarantees standard quality of the product in its physicochemical

PANX-Yellow Chalk® is a safe product according to the MSDS.

Biuro Handlowe "Promyk" will bear responsibility solely for the damages resulting
from its gross negligence or intentional action only if proven by the
Purchaser. The compensation will not exceed 100 % of the gross price
listed on the last invoice.

The Purchaser will familiarize himself with :
• Material Safety Data Sheet,
• quality report,
• product specification,
• sales conditions,
and will perform the necessary test and evaluate the usefulness of
the PANX-Yellow Chalk® in the technological process of windscreen

The Purchaser, being aware of the usage features of the PANX-Yellow
Chalk® Product and its application, fully indemnifies Biuro Handlowe
"Promykh the manufacturer - supplier from any legal and civil liability
and general consequences of the usage of the PANX-Yellow Chalk®
Product and holds the legal, civil and criminal responsibility for its