PANX-Yellow Chalk® Application Instruction

The practical application of PANX–Yellow Chalk ®  is made manually by applying (rubbing) a layer of the separator on the crown of the tool (mould, skeleton) in order to insulate the windshield.

1.    The first application should be made on a clean cold crown before it is used in the furnace.

2.    Special attention should be paid  to the corners and the central parts of the crown as here the pressure of the glass is the highest.

3.    Additional application of the separator in the bending process should be performed after one bent glass pane is removed and another one is placed.

4.    The removal of the burned Yellow Chalk  from the surface of the bent windshield can be done with a cloth, vacuum cleaner or water.

5.    It is suggested to use the separator up within 30 minutes of unwrapping.

6.    After 30 minutes the separator can still be used; however, one should remember that the surrounding high temperature will make it less lubricious.

7.    It is suggested to use protective gloves when applying the separator.